Call for Book Chapter Contributions


Dear Colleagues,


We are delighted to announce an opportunity for you to contribute to our upcoming conference-themed book titled "Sustainability in the World of Education: Steps Towards a Green Future." Your expertise and insights are invited to shape a chapter in this significant publication.



  1. Each chapter must include a minimum of 25 references from relevant journals and articles.
  2. Ensure the similarity index of your chapter does not exceed 20%.
  3. Format: Times New Roman font 12, single spacing.
  4. Chapter length: 10 to 20 pages.
  5. Cost: Rp 200,000 per chapter compilation.
  6. Each chapter can be compiled by 4-5 contributors.


Submission Deadline: Draft chapters must be submitted by July 24, 2024. For further details or inquiries, please contact Titin at WhatsApp: +886973416081.


We look forward to your valuable contributions towards advancing sustainability in education.


Title of Book Chapter: Sustainability in the World of Education: Steps Towards a Green Future


Chapter 1:  Introduction (Ö)

  1. Introduction to the concept of sustainability in the context of education.
  2. The importance of incorporating sustainability aspects in educational institutions.
  3. The objectives of this discussion.


Chapter II: Theoretical Foundation of Educational Sustainability (Ö)

  1. Basic concepts of sustainability.
  2. Its relevance to education.
  3. The role of education in shaping sustainable attitudes.


Chapter III: Global Challenges in Sustainable Education (Ö)

  1. Analysis of global challenges requiring sustainability attention in education.
  2. Impacts of climate change and sustainability of natural resources.


Chapter IV: Sustainable Education Policies

  1. Government efforts in integrating sustainability into the curriculum.
  2. Implementation of sustainability policies at the institutional level of education.


Chapter V: Sustainable Curriculum (Ö)

  1. Integration of sustainability concepts into the curriculum.
  2. Interdisciplinary learning to enhance understanding of sustainability.


Chapter VI: Development of Green Infrastructure in Educational Institutions

  1. Infrastructure innovations to support sustainability.
  2. Provision of environmentally friendly facilities.


Chapter VII: Carbon Footprint Reduction in Educational Institutions

  1. Strategies to measure and reduce carbon footprint.
  2. Implementation of green technologies in educational institutions.


Chapter VIII: Environmental Education and Community Awareness (Ö)

  1. The role of education in enhancing environmental awareness in society.
  2. Successful environmental education programs.


Chapter IX: Developing Sustainable Leadership in Educational Institutions (Ö)

  1. Sustainability-focused leadership.
  2. Building a sustainable organizational culture.


Chapter X: Community Involvement in Sustainable Education

  1. The role and contribution of communities in achieving the goals of sustainable education.
  2. Case studies of successful community involvement.


Chapter XI: Evaluation and Measurement of Sustainability in Educational Institutions (Ö)

  1. Methods of sustainability performance evaluation.
  2. Measurement of positive impacts in educational institutions.


Chapter XII: Challenges and Opportunities of the Future

  1. Addressing remaining sustainability challenges.
  2. Discussing future opportunities for sustainability development in the education sector.